feb.7.2010 newport to eureka…

Got up to the pleasant sound of the surf and not so pleasant sound of Pat’s cell phone…

Took a few pictures from our balcony, had breakfast, got on the road.  Today we will be traveling to Eureka, California… a distance of approximately 500km.  We stopped many times along the way to get some shots of the scenic “seascapes”…  check out my Flickr page for those.  Went for a walk along the beach somewhere along the way… very rugged.  Stopped at a place called the Sea Line Caves… we were tempted to go in but the road beckoned.

Got to California and was immediately stopped to make sure we didn’t have any fruit or vegetables… we didn’t.  Took a few more pictures here and there.  Went through the Redwood National Park of northern California… trees were huge!  For some reason we didn’t stop for pictures… maybe we were in awe or maybe we were just too tired of driving… who knows.

Arrived at our destination around 4:15pm… it’s not the Taj Mahal but at least it’s clean and close to downtown.  We went for supper at a place called The Lost Coast Brewery… I highly recommend this place, food was excellent… I tried their Great White brew.  Saw… but didn’t talk to some fellow Canadians, they looked hungry and we were done.  On the way back grabbed a latte at Starbucks… settling in for an early evening.

Tomorrow we head to San Francisco…


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