mar.8.2010 eureka to san francisco…

Got up… ate breakfast… got a latte… got on the road.  I think we have a routine.

Traveling to San Francisco today… approximately 450km.  We got there around 1:00pm.  This part of California is very scenic… Richardson Grove State Park was cool with those giant redwoods, this time we stopped for pictures.  There was a place all about Bigfoot… didn’t get a picture, see this YouTube video… it’s not mine but this is the place we saw.  A little further down the road was the “One Log House”… a house made of one log!  Once again… no picture, check it out here.  There were a few trees that you could walk through and apparently one you could drive through… couldn’t find that one, even though there was a sign.

Drove through several beautiful valleys where the main business was obviously wine… vineyards were all over the place.  Went through Sonoma and Napa valleys.  Went right past the Francis Ford Coppola Winery… would have liked to stop and grab a bottle but alas there was no time… we are on a tight schedule you know.

Arrived in San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge.  Drove up and down some of those famous, steep streets.  Checked into our hotel; a ’boutique’ hotel in Japan Town… I think ’boutique’ means there is some kind of theme, the theme here is obviously Japanese.  The neighbourhood is ALL about Japan… had lunch and later supper at Japanese restaurants.  Had a ‘bento box’ meal for supper at Sanppo… it was very, very good.  Had a Sapporo beer… made in Guelph, Ontario.

That’s it for tonight… have to get some rest, going to Alcatraz tomorrow.


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