mar.15.2010 tahoe… then to salem

Mostly walked around in Tahoe… both the California and Nevada sides (I think the Nevada side is called something different).

It was pretty cold when we were there… compared to the rest of the trip. I was wondering why the lake wasn’t frozen so I looked it up… found some interesting reading in Wikipedia, not interesting enough to read though… here is the link.

Had supper at Cabo Wabo… if you haven’t heard of this place, check it out.  There are three restaurants; one in Tahoe, one in Vegas, and of course the flagship in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  They were all founded by Sammy Hagar.  His son Aaron runs the one in Tahoe… we met him, spoke to him for a while… Pat got an autograph and picture with him… by the way the food was great.

It was my turn to drive after Tahoe… the destination was Salem, Oregon… approximately 1000km away.  I drove this myself and in fact the drive was very pleasant… very scenic, landscape changed several times.  Arrived in Salem around 3pm, a ten hour drive.

Vancouver tomorrow!


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