mar.13.2010 lake tahoe…

Slept in… finally got up for the drive to Tahoe.

The drive to Tahoe took use through Yosemite… unfortunately for us there was a big snow storm the night before (down below at our hotel… we had rain), we had to detour… cost us an extra hour.  The blocked road had 18 feet of snow on it!  The detour took us through some really hairy roads… there were avalanche warnings every so often.

We made it to Lake Tahoe unscathed… it’s much colder here, lake was wide open.  There were even a few boats out there… including a rather large sailboat… nice.  Went out for a bite to eat… lucky for us it was happy hour… again!  This time the pints were $2 each… you heard right.  Guess what… we only had one, now that’s restraint.

Took a little tour around a couple casinos… blew $25 in fifteen minutes.  Actually, I couldn’t stand the place… smoking was allowed so were kids… both casinos reeked of smoke… gross.

Back at hotel to do this…


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