mar.20.2010 kelowna…

Sitting in my cousin’s kitchen, overlooking Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, British Columbia…

This is my third day here, which happens to be the same day I leave for Vancouver… bothering another cousin this time; Roger.

I stayed overnight at my aunt and uncle’s place on one side of the lake, got to tour much of the surrounding area… beautiful, I can see why people flock to the place.  Toured around the south side of the lake… seen many of the wineries surrounding that part of the lake, stopped in Penticton for lunch.  Ate at Theo’s Greek restaurant… very nice.

The next day moved over to the other side of the lake for a couple nights.  My cousins Michele and Ron have a place right on the water… wow!  A little more touring to catch some sites we didn’t see the day before… had a great tour of the Mission Hill Winery.  What a place, very cool… especially in the cellars.  Did some wine tasting, even learned a thing or two… who am I kidding… I knew nothing about wine, tour guide was very good.  If you are ever out here GO for it.

That’s it for now… heading back to Vancouver, then to my cousin’s place in Langly.

Home on Monday… hooray!


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