mar.28.2010 welcome home…

My last stop before going home was Langley BC… I was welcomed with open arms and fridge at my cousin’s Roger & Kimberly and their kids too; Jaden and Kaeli (hope I spelled it right !).  I had a good couple days visiting… kids were a lot of fun, kept me busy.  I was really glad I made time to visit my relatives out West… you don’t get many chances like that, when you do… jump on it, you won’t regret it.

Monday was a travel day… flew from Vancouver to Edmonton, then on to Hamilton.  Flight was uneventful… until the end.  There was a little turbulence just before landing… in fact quite a bit.  Many people were holding hands, praying, etc…  the plane landed smoothly after all that, many people clapped and cheered!  First time I have ever experienced anything like that.

How do I say this… IT’S GOOD TO BE HOME… REALLY, REALLY GOOD TO BE HOME!  I really enjoyed my time away but as they say; there’s no place like home.  Got to see my wife, son, his girlfriend, and of course all three cats… life is good again.

While all was OK at home, not all was normal… I started a new job the same day I flew home.  I have been promoted and am now in the ‘management’ ranks.  It’s too early to tell, but so far I am enjoying myself… wish me luck.


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