apr.3.2010 settling in…

Well, I have been home almost two weeks… after being away seven weeks.

It took me all of a couple days to get back into the routine of being home… it will take significantly longer to settle in to my new role in management… what a difference, lots of meetings, lots of email, and lots of challenges.  Quite a change from what I’m used to.  So far… I like it!

Today was spring cleaning at Guelph Community Boating Club… GCBC is a small sailing club on Guelph Lake.  The Club functions with volunteer support… today had us getting all the Club boats ready, “launching” the docks, rising the flags and general grounds cleanup.  Met some new people and some old friends.  I didn’t sail ONCE last year… too busy at work.  This year I hope to sail much, much more.


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