may.2.2010 sandpiper…

Saturday morning broke to clouds and rain… not a nice day to get the boat ready.  Josh and I went to the ‘barn’ to get our sailboat out of storage… a Sandpiper S565.  By the way the ‘565’ means the boat is 5.65 meters long.  The idea was to bring the boat home, give it a quick clean, tie the mast on to the top (we leave the mast at our house, not sure why), and head to the lake.

At the lake the plan was to rig the boat (raise the mast, attach the boom, ‘rig’ the rigging, etc…).  Alas the rain screwed up our plans both at home and at the lake… we just didn’t feel like getting wet I guess.

This is when the “gee whiz” thing happened…

As we were leaving another sailor was arriving with his boat… a Sandpiper 565!  This might not sound like a big deal to you but the boat is not the most common, especially in these parts.  It turns out he was a “brand-new” owner that morning!  My son and I are going to meet up with him to help him rig his boat… his first time.

All aboard!


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