june.22.2010 boyz weekend…

Wow, I haven’t posted in quite a while… sorry.  My new job is taking a whole lot of my time these days.

I have just about recovered from the annual “Boyz Weekend”.  This year found us in Mattawa, Ontario… at a beautiful lakefront cottage (thanks Luc!).  As usual the weekend was full of fun, frolic and alcohol.  The latter figured heavily… the lake water was cold but we didn’t feel a thing.

Tried the “Insect Defend Patch” this year… a patch that is supposed to keep the bugs from biting.  I can report that it seemed to work!  I got one bite on the last day… 24 hours after it fell off in the hot tub.

Unlike last year, when the Jet Ski sank, we had some really good times being pulled on tubes and skis.  I even went for several rides where the goal was to dislodge me… the final verdict?  Jet ski 2, Dan 8.

Can’t wait till next year!


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