aug.23.2010 paintball & paint cans…

Went paint-balling the other day with my son.  Let me dispel the myth; yes… it hurts.  I can see how people enjoy this though, we had a really, really good time.  When you know you will get hurt if hit you tend to take the game seriously.  We played at my buddy’s place near Perry Sound, ON… he has a beautiful place in the woods with lots of room to ‘battle’.

Back at home, I finally took on the task of cleaning up the basement… this is one big task.  We kind of put stuff down there and forget about it… sort of like the “Hoarders” only milder.  Several of those big heavy duty garbage bags later we can finally see the floor!  Many things were put on Kijiji for sale while others were simply tossed… we don’t like garage sales… sorry.

One thing we kept; you never know when you need to make a repair… was all our paint cans!


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  1. I agree that it stings to get hit with a paintball, but ain’t it FUN? Can’t wait for it to cool off just a little so we can get out and enjoy the thrill again (105 here).

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