Justifying Starbucks

coffee-148543_1280From time-to-time I stop at Starbucks, always go in (no drive-thru for me) and get my usual; Grande Americano 3/4 Full with Whole Milk.  Not quite as complicated as some orders I’ve heard.  I got into Starbucks with a vengeance while on a trip to San Francisco with a friend.  We stopped twice a day and always got the exact same drink… a regular latte.  He’d buy one round, I’d buy the other.  The staff, atmosphere and service were the same everywhere we went… exceptional.  I have since switched to Americanos (a Grande has 3 shots of espresso and a little hot water).

Now to my justification…

I used to stop at Tim Hortons twice a day, a ritual here in Canada for many people.  Grab a coffee, typically at the drive-thru.  Price is admittedly cheaper than a coffee at Starbucks and quite a bit cheaper than my Grande Americano.  BUT… I am usually satisfied with one visit, in the cafe, reading news on my iPad.  The coffee is vastly superior (although I understand this is a matter of taste).  One location even knows my name!  If all that doesn’t justify my need for Starbucks, here’s one last thing that may change your mind… what other coffee shop can be Tweeted or texted with two characters: *$

I rest my case…


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