To host or not to host.

http-13365_640I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately to post my blog on a competing service… by my son.  He is an avid blogger on Squarespace’s platform (see I looked at Squarespace and was impressed but being thorough, figured I’d check what some of the other hosting services have to offer.

I currently have a domain registered (for future use) with a hosting service so thats where I started. I tried their web builder software with some success but had some trouble after the first couple hours, page wouldn’t publish and got discouraged. Looked into another, highly recommended service, was impressed with the options and prices. Chatted with an on-line representative to get some answers, however, I ended up getting so confused with all the available plans and options that I lost interest.

The question I really had to answer was; do I even need to be ‘self-hosted’? I decided to sleep on it.

The next morning I started surfing the web trying to understand what I already had… a WordPress blog.

Conclusion… the grass isn’t always greener.


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