Commuting can be Fun


Day #1 – 10 Days to a Better Blog

Commuting can be Fun… right?

I commute from Guelph to Mississauga Ontario every week, a distance of 65km each way. From home to office, with several thousand like minded individuals. I like my job so the commute doesn’t bother me, at least on Mondays. By Friday, I just want to get home and enjoy the weekend without the commute.

Typically I listen to my favourite podcast, The Agenda, on the way into work and schedule phone calls on the way back. Seems to work for me. The drive is about an hour either way on a normal, accident free day.

For Christmas, my son Josh, bought me an audio book (White Fire) on Audible from one of my favourite authors (actually an author team; Lincoln Child & Douglas Preston). For the first time, in a long time, I wanted that commute to never end. Cars flying past me on the left and right, sometimes I was doing the passing, but in the end I arrived at work in what seemed like no time at all, refreshed! I knew something was different because I went right past Starbucks without stopping! Bad for Starbucks, maybe bad for me too.

The point is that commuting, however heinous it can be from time-to-time, can be enjoyable when combined with another non-distraction type of activity. My Honda Civic has satellite radio, a CD player, USB input for my iPhone, an AUX input and something called AM/FM radio. There are no shortages of available audio type media available to me. This however was much, much different. Captivating, engrossing, fun are words that come to mind.

If you are like me, a commuter, do yourself a favour, get an audio book. Something you like, something to keep your mind from that bumper 30 feet (10 meters) in front of you.

Thanks Josh, you made my drive bearable. Now if only I could get my office to move further away 🙂