How mobile blogging can help you survive a meeting!


Day #9 – 10 Days to a Better Blog

Today’s assignment is wide open, a free and open writing day!

I have been trying to get a lot more active with my blogging, typically I use my Mac Air or, on rare occasions, my company Windows laptop while on breaks. Sometimes I’m on the road, in a plane or on a train and get bit by the blogging bug.

What happens though, when you are stuck in an especially lengthy, maybe boring meeting? What do you do? Options are limited; you can’t leave, sleeping is frowned upon and you are expected to contribute. Pull that phone out and start writing!
OK, this meeting is not boring but I am on a lunch break and this post was almost entirely done on my iPhone.

I got that nifty title from the ‘Content Idea Generator’ at Portent. Enter a few keywords and it spits out something you might be able to use. I used two words; blog + mobile and it came back with “How mobile blogging can help you survive a filibuster”. I modified slightly to suit my needs.


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