I Hate Belts


Every once in a while I have no choice but to wear a belt. Usually because I’m dressed casually for a business meeting, or slightly nicer for a funeral or wedding.

Ties, completely useless in my opinion, are slowly falling out of favour with the casual business crowd. But not belts.
I’ll pre-empt any comments by saying that yes, at their most basic, they hold up your pants. Personally, I’d rather walk around yanking my pants up every now and then. That’s what those loops are really good for.

Belts are simply uncomfortable. The holes are never in quite the right spot and that buckle can be cold when it touches your exposed skin. Sometimes they break, like mine did yesterday while participating in a meeting. It just fell apart, the buckle making a clanging sound as it hit the floor. There I was; dress shirt all tucked, looking fine in my dockers but no belt. Breaking all kinds of fashion rules but feeling much more comfortable at the same time.

We invented the drive-thru, introduce a new smartphone every few weeks and even get caramel into a chocolate bar. But we can’t make a pair of pants that stay up on their own.

Or can we?

I did a little digging and found a few articles. Suspenders were a popular alternative, but this one in particular interested me. I was on the hunt for some fresh ideas when I stumbled onto Side Tabs. This is something new to me, something I’ll be looking into. There is also this alternative for the younger crowd.

So will I get rid of all my belts, probably not, but I still hate them.


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  1. heh. I hate belts as well. I hate suspenders even more. And this is why I got out of the professional business environment. Now, I can just wear shorts, or sweats to work. 🙂

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