Dare I Review This?

dirt-576619_640 We’ve all purchased things, had meals, watched a movie, heard a song (I could go on and on) we’d like to review. My son loves doing reviews, takes them seriously even. I’ve wanted to from time-to-time but wondered whether anyone really cared. Seems to me, one can find a good or bad review on just about anything.

Case in point, my wife recently pointed out a ceiling fan on Costco’s website that she took a liking too. Admittedly a nice looking fan, but we already had ceiling fans in every bedroom – that work fine. Her mind was made up so I needed help changing it. I found a few reviews complaining about dim lighting. “There you go” I said, “you won’t be happy”. The purchase was averted, until she reads this.

So I’m thinking I should write some reviews, keep it lighthearted and have some fun with it. I’m an impulse buyer, eat out a lot, watch movies and have an opinion on most things… I think I could do this.


I figure you need a catchy tagline to attract readers. I came up with Dare I Review This?, ‘D.I.R.T?’ for short. Here’s my logic for choosing it:

  1. Challenging myself with a ‘Dare’ could be what it takes to actually get a review or two on ‘paper’.
  2. I’ll ask the question each time I make a purchase, eat something, watch something, etc…
  3. A year from now we’ll be hearing people say; “What’s the D.I.R.T? on this?”.
  4. Finally, the acronym makes me laugh and that’s what it’s really all about.

I’m not expecting to be the next ‘Reviewer of the Year’ or even widely read. I would however, like to honestly review something, add a touch of humour and maybe, just maybe, help you make that really hard decision or save you from spending some money.

With that, I’ve declared my intention to review something. To keep myself honest, I’ve set a goal of doing a couple ‘D.I.R.T?’ reviews per month and one for sure this week… stay tuned.



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