I have a ‘Go-No-Go’ call this morning…

Most large project, especially if there is a potential impact to the customer, have some form of a Go-No-Go call just prior to implementation. Typically these meetings have all the stakeholders present and we cover any potential risks. Once all the risks are weighed a decision is made to GO or not GO.

The project I’m working on has been in the works for almost a year. Everything that could be thought of as a risk has a mitigation plan in place. There are people flying in from all over and some travelling long distances by car. There has been a real sense of excitement in the air for the last couple weeks… we are ready.

Woke up this morning, looked out the window and saw… nothing. The bathroom window was completely covered with a snow drift. This doesn’t bode well for today’s activity.

A few quick calls confirmed that we are a GO but there is another series of Go-No-Go calls this afternoon. Cancelling at this stage would be akin to cancelling Christmas. The only thing stopping us now would be any safety concerns.

So it’s out to my car to see if it will Go or No Go.

This has been another 30 minute blog challenge. Thirty minutes to come up with an idea, write it, post it and live with the results. Got the idea from a challenge on the Desk forum.

Notes: I used two fancy words today; ‘bode’ and ‘akin’. When you read a lot you have many words like this whirling around in your head waiting to be used.

  • bode: be an omen of a particular outcome
  • akin: of similar character

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