Junk Food


From the kitchen to laundry room to the basement and even in the bedroom… the stuff is everywhere. Salted nuts in the kitchen, chips in the laundry room, popcorn chips in the basement and chocolates in the bedroom. It truly is everywhere.

Usually the stuff comes out while watching TV, leading me to believe in subliminal messaging. Tonight, for example, I was watching an episode of How it's Made on the Discovery Channel and somehow I had to have a bowl of Munchies Snack Mix, about 400 calories or 40 minutes on a treadmill. Was it worth it? No. Was it good? Bloody right. Does the How it's Made franchise have something hidden in their broadcast? Probably not… the episode was about man-made flowers.

Not watching TV might help, but that would be a sacrifice. Something else is needed… but what?

In Ontario we have cigarette packaging showing photos of smokers with serious health issues. It's not pretty and the message is harsh. Displaying morbidly obese people on snack Food packaging would certainly deter me.

There are healthy snacks but they rarely taste good despite claims to the contrary. Every once in a while I'll go on a healthy snack run, eating carrots or plain almonds. It fills my belly but not the cravings. I find it hard to believe that some super smart scientist hasn't figured out how to make healthy potato chips… ones that actually taste like potato chips, not that fake crap.

That's my challenge for the world today… make a really good tasting potato chip that's actually good for you. Forget all those designer drugs and new hair colours, do something meaningful.

Damn, just dropped some pretzel crumbs on my iPad.




    1. It’s fun blaming TV. We blame it for just about everything, why not junk food? Or, I could just stop buying the stuff as you suggest 🙂

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