Blogs I Follow


Today’s post is dedicated to those I follow…

To be clear, I’m going to cover some of the blogs I follow. My posts are way too short to cover a whole lot of anything. I’ll pick a few, give my reasons for following, then give you a chance to explore.

  1. Josh Grignon: this is my son’s blog. He likes to write reviews on apps, movies, games, with the odd op-ed and How To thrown in for good measure. His style ranges from opinionated to insightful. We have an understanding… I read his blog and he reads mine. Sometimes I learn something, other times I wonder what all that University education got him. Just joking Josh, keep writing, it can only make you a better person!
  2. Glenn Hates Books: Glenn gives his ‘brutally honest book reviews’ on a regular basis. Please note that these are not for young readers or the faint of heart. However, if you want to read reviews that are unlike anything you have seen before, visit GHB. His reviews make me laugh out loud. That actually happened in line at Costco recently.
  3. Sup-a-Dillie-O: there is always something interesting going on here. The stories cover topics focused on ‘coding’. Something that has always interested me but I never really pursued. The posts are easy to read and understand. I came across this blog while taking part in the ’10 Days to a Better Blog’ challenge over at the Desk community.
  4. Golbing: A writer, a reader and a long-time blogger, who happens to be my older brother. If you are looking for something different, pay him a visit.
  5. Pieces of Reis: lots of good looking food pictures, makes me hungry. She’s a beginner blogger but doing a fine job. Full disclosure, she is my son’s girlfriend, so there is a little pressure on me to read but the visit is usually worth it. Today it makes me want to run out and by cinnamon rolls.

There you have it, a few blogs you might otherwise have never read.

Disclaimer: I really didn’t start this post with the intention of linking to so many family members… it kind of just happened. Honestly!


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