Hotel Towels


How many times have you seen a sign like the one above?

They are proudly displayed at most hotels and motels. Tugging on environmental strings that are pulled so tight these days you could play a tune. Some of the finer establishments go a step further and ask that you place a card on the bed directing the maid to leave the bed sheets right where they are, maybe straighten them up a bit. I typically go for this option, don’t see the need to change the sheets every day… I’m reasonably clean.

I’m all for conservation, regularly do my part. We use compact fluorescent and LED bulbs throughout our house. My wife hates them, says its hard to match clothing in the different lighting conditions. Sometimes I get to my office and could swear the clothes I wore matched when I was at home. I drink from the tap, recycle the garbage and reuse yoghurt containers. We certainly don’t wash the towels every day, wouldn’t think of it. In fact, towels are at their peak a day or two later… a little softer, a little more absorbent even.

I usually groan when I see these ‘Save the Earth’ signs, thinking to myself… sure, the hotel wants to conserve. Question is, are they really interested in the environment or their profits? That’s my cynical side talking. My green side wants to believe in what the hotels are trying to accomplish.

Except for one thing…

Many years ago, while staying at an unnamed hotel, I returned to my room late one morning to grab something out of my briefcase. The maid was in the washroom, wiping around the toilet… with one of the used bath towels.

I’ll take clean towels please.



  1. My son just sent me a text to let me know there is no “H” in yoghurt. Apparently that is the ‘British’ spelling. He didn’t comment on my spelling of ‘colour’, ‘neighbour’, etc…

    At least he’s reading my blog!

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