Failed Posts


I have been posting quite regularly over the last few months. Thanks to the gentle push I got from John and the community over at Not only am I pleased with the amount of posts I’ve published, I’m enjoying it… really enjoying it. My goal with these posts has always been; to get a smile out of someone, anyone. Even if it’s only me. A friend recently read my post Perpetuous, and said it made him chuckle… job done.

I’ve been working on my style and format. I’ve settled on a graphic, linked to it’s source, that attempts to express what you’ll be reading about followed by a short story, usually 500 words. It works for me.

And then this happens…

I wrote a post this past Monday with the intention of publishing Tuesday morning. It was called; On Being Late. The post was about the frustration I felt when people were late and affected my day in some way. I think I wrote this post because I was mad and wanted to tell the world. We have all heard that you should never write an email or make a phone call while angry, one tends to write or say things you’ll almost always regret. I think the same rule applies in this case. I’m no good when angry and should stay away from the keyboard when it happens. Maybe read a book instead.

My typical workflow would be to write the post the day before, think about it overnight (sometimes it keeps me up) and polish it up the next morning before publishing. When I had some free time the following morning I reviewed the post and realized something was wrong. It didn’t flow, sounded forced and just felt wrong.

A couple weeks ago a wrote one called Snow Day and the same thing happened. I went to bed thinking; I got something interesting to share with the world tomorrow. Only to wake up thinking; Did I write that garbage? The post was about my frustration with Winter. It’s a love-hate relationship… I love to hate it. So once again I wrote something out of frustration and it didn’t quite work out or sound right.

So that’s two posts I’m not happy with in as many weeks. Both failed due to similar reasons.

With that knowledge in hand, I’ve decided not to write while agitated, angry, frustrated, have excessive gas or while in a bad mood. I’m no different than anyone else and am prone to these conditions now and then. My plan is to turn this around though, maybe make light of the situation. Or I could just take a day off from writing to recharge and calm down.

And then this happens…

My backpack broke today. I’m pissed, it’s brand new! I want to write about it really bad but taking my own advice from above… I’m going to calm down first. There might be a review on Swiss Gear backpacks in the near future though.


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