No Post Today


‘P’ for Post

I decided to take a break from writing, I’m too busy, no fresh ideas, it’s Wednesday, my coffee is ready, whatever… I have lots of excuses.

When I woke up this morning I walked into the kitchen and noticed there were only a few date squares left and was going to write about how weird food is. I wouldn’t dream of eating a date, they’re gross, but I would eat a whole tray of date squares, I love ’em. Same goes for ketchup. I can’t imagine French fries without ketchup but would literally get sick if the stuff was on my hamburger.

After breakfast, a granola bar, I turned on the coffee maker to get my morning hit. I selected my favourite K-Cup, jammed it into the machine and thought about the extra waste I was creating by using this system. Problem is, the coffee taste perfect, every single time. The old drip machine could never, ever do that. I remember leaving coffee in the freezer, grinding beans, adding a pinch of salt, adding a pinch of mustard (the dry variety) and even one time finding my pager in the cone. It had been missing for a couple weeks. No way you could lose something in a K-Cup holder.

I decided to work from home today since there were rumours of some bad weather in the area. A quick look out the window revealed a gloomy but half decent day, the high will be -2C. No winter coat needed. I couldn’t remember where I heard the rumour, could I have started it myself? A topic started forming in my mind but was quickly wiped out when the phone rang.

And finally, during a break in calls, I sat admiring my favourite coffee mug. It’s not actually mine, I bought it for my son for Christmas. An impulse buy. The 16oz mug, from Starbucks, features an owl with one crazy, large, green eye. My son likes owls and it came in a nice box. The mug, however, fits perfectly in my hand, has a little extra room at the top so I don’t have to tip-toe everywhere worrying about spillage. I have a favourite car too, an Audi TT, but it’s not mine either.

To all my followers, sorry I wasn’t able to contribute anything today… I just wasn’t in the mood.


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