I love surprises, always have. I love surprising my wife with little gifts when she least expects it, my son with my brilliance (ok… that might be a stretch) and myself with the odd story I post, if it makes me laugh.

As a child, I would search our entire home, just before Christmas for any hidden gifts. I got good at unwrapping, checking them out and re-wrapping the gift without anyone knowing. It didn’t matter if the gift was mine or not. I was caught once or twice but kept looking, the need to know was too great. I equally loved my Christmas morning surprises which were often ruined by this need. My own fault and a bit of a conundrum.

Which brings me to the unboxing phenomena…

Unboxing videos have taken the world by storm. Everyone seems to be unboxing these days. I’ve done it myself after purchasing a Blendtec blender. My son shot the video, while I unboxed. We had a lot of fun with it and laughed uncontrollably while reviewing the footage. We never did upload it, deciding to keep it in the family. We may have hit upon a niche market… fun with unboxing.

Whether I order something online or about to make a purchase at some store, in person, I’ll more often than not head over to YouTube to find an unboxing video. Where’s the surprise in that? It’s like we have a pathological need to know what’s in that box. Even if we are on our way to pick the thing up.

The excerpt below is from on article on CNN.com and speaks to the volume of unboxing videos being uploaded to YouTube.

Since 2010, the number of YouTube clips with “unboxing” in the headline has increased 871%. Last year alone, 2,370 days, or 6.5 years, worth of unboxing footage was uploaded to the site. The traffic is coming from all over the world, with an uptick in recent interest from such far-flung places as India, Brunei, Sri Lanka, and Trinidad and Tobago.

It looks like interest in this genre spans the globe. I suspect most people like a surprise as much as I do but for many, the suspense is just too great. You just never know though… your little box might hold a surprise. Just yesterday, my son bought a new pair of shoes and there was an extra lace in the shoe. Only one, not a pair. Those are the little surprises we crave.

Another word I’ve been waiting to use; conundrum: a confusing and difficult problem or question.



  1. If you can make a sketch out of it, you might indeed have a niche. Unboxing videos have so much of the same “Here’s the box. Here’s the cable. I open it up. Oh look a needle…. to shove in my eye because this is so boring.”

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