Fig Pizza


In Ottawa for work and was lucky enough to meet up with my cousin and his wife. After some local, flavoured beer; his vanilla, mine blueberry, we started thinking about dinner. There are many restaurants to choose from in the area, some bordering on the exotic. In the end, we decided on Italian and went to one of their favourite little places. A nice little place with lots of ambience. I know it had ambience since they were using the new style washrooms favoured by the chic crowd, referred to by locals as the free-for-alls. No men’s room, no women’s room… just a bunch of individual rooms, tastefully decorated.

It was a very nice little Italian restaurant, quite fancy. Table was set with every imaginable tool needed to eat and drink. The large chalkboard specials menu happened to be right by our table, making it easy to read and decide. The writing was very close to being perfect, amazing how someone can do that with a piece of chalk.

Looking up and down the board, my eyes locked onto today’s pizza. Like most people, I love a good pizza and this one intrigued me. It appears anything goes with this chef, normal having been thrown out the window many years ago. Today, I’m hypothesising now, the chef was digging through his pantry and came upon a basket of fresh figs and couldn’t, for the life of him, figure out what to do with them.

I ordered a club soda, with lime, no ice and contemplated the fig idea. Five minutes later, after soaking up olive oil and balsamic vinegar with my crusty bread, I took a chance and ordered the fig pizza, then ate the now, soggy, crusty bread.

His experiment was my dinner… fig pizza.

But figs? That’s weird, right?

My review… simply delicious. If you see this on a menu somewhere, don’t soak up as much oil and vinegar as I did, just order it, you won’t regret it.

I noticed after writing this that I spelled ambience two different ways and didn’t get the dreaded red underline. Looking both words up in Google revealed they had the same meaning. Is that possible? Unfortunately, I have to get to work and there is no time for further research. 


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