The Waiting Room


Today I have to bring my son to the hospital for some tests. The tests could last as long as four hours but might be less. In other words… I’m stuck there. But before I leave home, I have to wait for him to get up.

Today is all about the waiting

I’m getting prepared for a long wait so I decided to do a little research on How to Pass the Time in a Waiting Room. Here are some ideas I’ve found so far on Wiki How:

  • Read a book
  • Listen to music
  • Doodle or draw
  • Have a nap
  • Write letters

None of those work for me today so I’m thinking it might be fun to simply observe and write my observations in today’s post… stay tuned.

11:30am – Arrived at hospital, got off on the wrong floor, found Day Surgery, checked in and settled down for what was a short wait.

11:40am – Got called over to see a nurse who asked some questions and told us to follow the red & white line. We failed at that, stopping halfway at another waiting room. As humans, we are conditioned to wait, whenever we see a waiting room, I guess. Finally a volunteer, who specifically looks for the lost ones, told us to continue following the red & white line… to the end this time. I received a few instructions and took my leave saying goodbye, good luck, break a leg and other words of encouragement to my son then went in search of a comfy spot.

12:10pm – Found an empty table overlooking the main entrance and settled down to write.

1:00pm – My comfy spot got quickly overrun by the lunchtime crowd; doctors, nurses, visitors and me. Hard to hear my music playing softly in the background (Metallica).

1:46pm – Still waiting, ran out of Metallica songs, switched to Zeppelin. The lunch time crowd has thinned considerably… time for a coffee. I wonder how many germs are floating around?

3:51pm – We’re home… a couple updates in between would have been nice but the nurse called me to come pickup my son and he wasn’t really ready to go home. But THAT is a whole other story… maybe for tomorrow.

Overall, the wait wasn’t that bad. Sitting up in the loft, working on my writing, listening to music, drinking a green smoothie, it could have been a whole lot worse or boring.


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