PSJ1 Glasses


Photoshop Journey #1…

Got up early today and decided to fool around with Photoshop. It’s been on my ToDo list for a long, long time. I’ve tried several courses and they are all good. But the one I started today, really piqued my interest… not sure why.

I purchased a course on Udemy called Learn the Secrets of Photoshop Design & Start Making Money. The instructor is Manfred Werner. I have a few courses from Manfred and like his style.

I only purchased the course this morning, cost me $10. I used a coupon that came via email, regular price is $49.

The course starts by showing you how to create and save Canvas Size Presets, how to work with the Pen Tool, Recording Photoshop Actions and finally how to Create & Design Custom Shapes using existing photos when I finally took a break.

I found a picture of sunglasses and used all the techniques to create the vector drawing above.

The reason I’m writing about this at all is because I finally found a course that captured my imagination, one that I find hard to walk away from. I only scratched the surface of this particular course and can’t wait to continue. I have paid for several other courses and for the most part have lost interest. Can’t explain it.

The Challenge…

I have set myself a goal of posting something about my journey with Photoshop once a week.


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