A Short Beer Review


Normally I wouldn’t write something about a beer I’ve only tried a couple times but this particular one has been on my mind since trying it last weekend.

The beer is Hawaiian Style Pale Ale, brewed in Toronto, at the Spearhead Brewing Company.

I bought the beer on a whim while walking the aisles of my local liquor store. I was there for rum and wandered into the cooler. What caught my eye was the name and colourful bottle. Yes, that’s all it takes. I thought to myself… what exactly does Hawaiian Style beer taste like? I couldn’t imagine and had to find out.

A six pack of the ale went home along with a bottle of black spiced rum. The rum for a friend, the beer for me. Later in the evening, visiting some friends, I broke out the six pack. It wasn’t what any of us expected; strong but not bitter, crisp and clean with a different but pleasant after taste. I know what you’re saying… sure, every beer is ‘crisp and clean’. The difference is, this one really is.

I’m not really good at this… their explanation is much better:

It began as a homebrew on Dimitri’s kitchen stove with some pineapple that was kicking around from breakfast. Aloha from Toronto! As the name suggests, this bold, hoppy West Coast pale ale is brewed Hawaiian style—with pineapple. It is naturally carbonated, unfiltered and dry-hopped to provide a delicate carbonation and complex flavour and bouquet. This perfectly “imbalanced” pale ale has a fresh citrusy character with hints of tropical fruit, zest and pine and a refreshingly dry finish.

I started out by saying that I normally wouldn’t write something about a beer after a couple tries. Truth be told, I wouldn’t write about beer at all but in this case I really have to give credit where credit is due.

I’d recommend you take a stroll around your local liquor store, pick up a six pack and share it with some friends, you’ll be glad you did. While there, you might as well pick up some of that black spiced rum too.



    1. Thanks Khurt, guess that’s way they said “Hawaiian Style…” For the record, I didn’t taste any pineapple but equally for the record, it was very good 🙂

  1. Even with “Hawaiian Style”, they are using incorrect terminology. There is no such thing as Hawaiian Style. This style of beer is American Pale Ale.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it and on your own terms. I’ll see if I can find it here. I enjoy a large range of ales. I’m not a beer snob and don’t follow any of the beer rating system. Some things I like and some things I don’t.

    I think people should drink what they like and pour whatever they don’t like down the drain (even if fellow drinkers give me a hard time: https://instagram.com/p/0d8qtNsBpX/?taken-by=nj_beerback)

    If you liked the “Hawaiian” I suggest you try 1664 Blanc.

    1. I will try it, thanks for the tip. While in Ottawa last week I had Blueberry and Vanilla beer. Kind of strange but kind of good too. Like you, I’m no beer snob. I think you might be on to something for a rating system though… “Drink It or Drain It”.

      1. “Drink It or Drain It”. That’s brilliant. I think I just found a title for my beer “reviews”. Ok. My reviews are really just me snapping a photos (iPhone or DSLR) of my brew, uploading and checking into Untappd with a pithy remark but … perhaps I can try something new.

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