Our Clocks


I was walking around the house recently and happened to notice that the clock was five minutes fast in the Family Room, thirty minutes fast on my night stand, a little faster on my wife’s night stand, even further ahead in the bathroom, ten minutes fast in the truck, pretty close to being right on the microwave and even closer on the stove, when the display works. The alarm system is always right, my car and phone get their time from the ‘system’ so they are always bang-on… no imagination.

The only thing consistent about the clocks in my household is that they are mostly inconsistent. There is one thing you won’t find though. None are behind, not a single one. Rarely are we late but we are never early either. Our bedroom is almost in the Eastern time zone with the rest of the clocks somewhere just East of Toronto.

It was my wife that started this, many, many years ago. The point, I believe, was to fool herself into a false sense of time. Her alarm clock is always about thirty minutes fast allowing her to snooze it several times before getting up. When she does finally get up, walks to the kitchen for a coffee, she looks at the clock and is surprised to see how early it is.

A crazy habit…

And one that I have picked up in the last couple years. I had a clock that would lose time, maybe a minute every few days. A piece of crap really, but it charged my phone so I put up with it. Now I’ve kind of grown used to it’s quirkiness. It won’t charge my new phone but I still use it since it’s not easy to find a clock that loses time. My routine is to wake up early, look at the clock, mind still foggy from sleep and try to do the math required to figure out what time it really is. Helps to wake me up, gets the mental juices going.

When it comes time to change the clocks, twice a year, I take great pains to make sure they are all set to the wrong time. It’s a weird habit, one that’s hard to break. Sometimes I’ll toy with the idea of setting them all to the right time but never do, that would be weird.

One thing you can be sure of though; when you come to visit, you’ll always be late and you’ll likely leave early.


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