PSJ2 The Badge


Photoshop Journey #2…

Really, really quick post today… only took 15 minutes.

Continuing on my Photoshop journey and remembering the challenge I gave myself in Photoshop Journey #1, I found a video on YouTube on how to create your own badges, a random search. Also, I was still giving my son a hard time about his experience at the hospital and thought he needed an award.

This particular video was shared by and is called: Photoshop Text on a Circular Path.

I was in a hurry so didn’t have time to be really creative hence the similar colours. I did add the belligerent logo to the centre area, just to make it unique. I can say, happily, that I did create this from scratch, all by myself.

Two birds with one stone…

My day is about to get really busy so won’t be able to post anything meaningful and I remembered my personal challenge to post something about Photoshop once a week. So here’s my post for today and it’s about Photoshop.


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