Meatloaf Sandwich


This past week I had meatloaf…

It’s been a while since my last feed of meatloaf. In fact, the last time I had meatloaf was while in Chicago on business. A group of us went out to the Weber Grill Restaurant, on my recommendation. On a previous trip, I visited the same restaurant and had BBQ chicken. It was good but the BBQ meatloaf the person at another table had, looked even better. On this most recent visit, I couldn’t wait to get the BBQ meatloaf. It was good… too good. The portions were large and I should have stopped half-way through the meal.

Meatloaf is one of those all-American dishes, like apple pie. At least it used to be. Up here in Canada, it’s about the same. I don’t remember having it that often as a child which means my father probably didn’t like it. If he didn’t like it, we didn’t eat it. There’s a good story about cow tongue that I’ll share some day.

Not sure when I took a liking to meatloaf, probably around the same time I started liking mushrooms and fried onions. They go together so well.

I tried making meatloaf several times, was never satisfied, was never really that successful and I’m not sure my family really liked the results. Once, I made a couple loafs, let them cool off then tried to barbecue a few slices. Again, not successful. A friend recently shared a recipe by Martha Stewart called All-American Meatloaf. “Best meatloaf I’ve ever had” he said. Looks good, might try it and save some for the grill.

So this past week, I was out for lunch with a friend, enjoying a cold beer while checking out the menu. My eyes wandered up and down the menu but didn’t see anything I liked. There was one of those seasonal menus in the centre of the table so I started reading that.

There it was… Meatloaf Sandwich.

This was something new, a meatloaf sandwich, never heard of it. It’s like meat on a bun so not that unusual right? The meal came, with much fanfare, delivered by our bartender; Fionn. We doubted a guy named Fionn would work at Fionn MacCool’s but we played along. The double-stacked meatloaf, on a bun, with melted cheese, fried onions and a side of home made fries, was laid to rest in front of us. Yes, we both had the same meal and we both took our phones out for pictures. I had to remove a slice to be able to eat the thing but don’t worry, I ate that piece for dessert. See photo here.

The most distressing thing about the whole experience was that seasonal menu. Hopefully, this will make it to the main menu some day so I can enjoy it again.

And again…


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