I gave myself a challenge to find something funny to write about after my workout at the gym. 

I found nothing! Absolutely nothing! 

I was pretty shocked to be honest, I can usually find something funny to say or write about. There was a seagull standing, on one leg, on a small car, like he wanted a ride to the beach. There were a few guys talking about golf in the change room, about some particularly exciting shot seen on TV. That made me laugh, but not in a funny way. I think it was something about golf and TV used in the same sentence as exciting.

The drive home produced ZERO inspiration. 

There was this guy on a bike, who had crossed the road on a red light, stopped halfway, frantically waving some car through the intersection. The car was stuck in the middle on the same red light, frantically waving the biker through. Ridiculous but not that funny anymore. They were both in the wrong and I was left looking for a topic.

Finally, driving through downtown Guelph, I decided to stop at Starbucks for an Americano. I parked the car, went in, waited in line and realised I forgot my wallet at home. Things got worse though when I reached for my phone to pay… it was in the car.

So I went home, with nothing.


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