Where I Write


Came across an article called; Creating a Writing Environment and started to think about my own writing environment. The quote below, from the same site, implies variety:

Ask 100 writers what the perfect writing environment would look like, and you’d no doubt get 100 vastly different answers. However all the responses would have one thing in common – a secure place which has the ability to inspire the shyest muse.

Environments range wildly from the ultra-quiet all the way up to the loud and obnoxious. Some prefer the great outdoors, some the indoors. Some will stand-up, while others prefer to sit. There is no right or wrong way it seems.

The tools are equally as varied. I’ve used laptops, desktops, tablets, smart phones, pencil and paper and even restaurant napkins from time-to-time.

How you write might define where you write as well. I would love to say I write in my Moleskine, but they are much too expensive for that, I make too many mistakes and revisions. So the Moleskine is reserved for taking everyday notes. With a notepad, you can literally write anywhere, no power required.

My ideal writing environment would be to sit in Starbucks, with an Americano (that never needs refilling), light chatter around me and my trusty MacBook Air.

Since that rarely happens, my second favourite way to write is while sitting in Starbucks, just before heading to the office, with an Americano (that never needs refilling), light chatter around me and my trusty iPad.

But since that rarely happens, I’m left with this…

I’ll sit at the kitchen table, on one of the couches scattered around the house and once, while I hate to admit it, on the toilet. That might have been one of my best efforts… or maybe not. My regular writing environment is wherever I happen to be. Inspiration can strike at any time.

So when I look around and see all these beautiful writing environments that many people have setup in their homes I’m a bit envious, not because I can’t have one, but because I can’t stay in one place long enough to enjoy one. I’m a restless writer, maybe OCD. Moving from one location to another while writing, sometimes from one side of the couch to the other.

I do have limits though. I can’t write while eating and save sleeping for new ideas.

The answer to Where I Write, is anywhere.



  1. I think I read that same article. I never understood how anyone could write in public places like Starbucks. I am TOO much of a people watcher and I can’t get my mind focused. I wish I could. I envy all those folks hardily typing away on their laptops. I sit there watching them wondering what they are typing, why they are there, why they chose the brand of computer they did…. see what I mean?

    I am a moleskine freak. I admit it. I have a small one that I carry around for random thoughts–not for note taking or journaling. The larger sizes I keep at home for more substantial “mind dumps”–topics I think I may want to reference again. They are expensive for sure, but there’s something about the way the ink flows on the page (you must have the correct pen though). It also forces me OFF the computer for a while which is important.

    Enjoyed your blog–fun to read.

    1. Thanks for visiting Dia!
      The ‘Starbucks’ thing is a little weird but works for me. The place is just too damn comfortable. The background noise is just right and the constant coffee aroma gets my creative juices flowing. At least my version of ‘creative’.
      I love my Moleskine so much, I got it a custom leather jacket for Christmas. Actually, my wife got it for me. I blame my son for getting me hooked on these notepads and I’m glad he’s almost done university so I can finally afford them. Enjoy your day!

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