PSJ3 Monogram


Photoshop Journey #3…

Today’s journey might be a little lame but it’s my journey and I was looking for something easy and quick. It’s finally nice outside and the snowblower needs to be put away. The tutorial is called How to Design a Monogram Logo of Interwoven Initials, quite the mouthful.

To make the journey a little more challenging, I used my Wacom tablet for the entire project. That’s a whole other subject that might be covered at some later date, if my wrist ever recovers.

Back to the journey…

The YouTube video is very clear and easy to follow, maybe a little fast, be ready to hit the pause button several dozen times to catch up. I used a little orange, to be different and removed the gradient background, didn’t like it.

Something I learnt while creating the monogram was that there are Monogram Etiquette rules… wow and really? Someone, somewhere, sometime spent way too much time on this. I didn’t really want to place a link in this post thinking it was just too ridiculous but figured I’d let the reader be the judge. However, I did follow the rules when making the above monogram. ‘D’ is the initial of my first name, ‘R’ my middle and the big ‘G’ in the centre, the initial of my surname. The rules are different if all letters are the same size… crazy right?

The exercise was interesting in that it helped me understand layers and effects much better than I had before. The possibilities are literally endless and you can have a lot of fun with it, when looking for some time to kill. Converting the text to Smart Objects was new and I didn’t get it at first. Be patient as it becomes clear shortly thereafter.

Despite my lame comment above, I did learn quite a bit. I’d recommend the tutorial, especially if you have some new towels just waiting to be monogrammed or maybe that special pair of orange underwear.

For those out there just starting with Photoshop, publicly challenging yourself really helps, a little weekly nudge to learn. If it wasn’t for my personal challenge, I might be writing about the fruit bowl sitting in front of me.

Journey #1 and #2 can be seen here and here.

Post was written while listening to Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill Acoustic album.


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