Planning a Saturday


This is really the best day of the week, the whole day lies ahead screaming for a really good plan. The day will be long and satisfying as only a Saturday can be because no matter what, there’s always Sunday.

The plan…

The day will start with a good book – I hope. You see, today I started a new novel; The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling. The dark roast coffee is ready, so is my favourite chair, only used to read when it’s very early. I’m curious how this book will read.

I’ll read for an hour, maybe two, then play with Photoshop. It’s 6:30am on a Saturday morning and I have a ton of time, a whole day.

Later in the morning I am planning a trip to the mall, for two reasons, one exciting and one out of necessity.

Exciting, because after much research, I’ve decided to buy a GoPro, the Hero 4 Silver. I’m fascinated by all these action videos on YouTube and want to make my own contribution. Not for vanity’s sake but because of perspective. I sometimes wonder what’s happening behind me on all my long bike rides, beside me on my kayak or under me while scuba diving. I just don’t know – but plan on finding out.

Necessity due to a book on some vague management technique, of which there are thousands. This one happens to be the flavour of the day. I wish I wanted to read this book but it’s been turned into a task, picked for me, making it harder to enjoy. To me it’s simple – either you like people or you don’t. If you like them, you might be a good candidate for management – although we all need a little help. If you don’t, maybe it’s not for you. I happen to like people.

In the endless series of Leaders are Readers, I’ll be looking for Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t by Simon Sinek. The timing is good since I’ll be away on business all next week and will need something to read. Notwithstanding the mini rant above, I’ll probably enjoy the book and learn something new.

Finally, time permitting, the pyjama jeans. Have you heard of these things? They look like jeans but they really aren’t – more like track pants or pyjamas. They aren’t really my cup of tea but my son, who doesn’t like jeans as a rule, too stiff, too confining, too whatever, fell in love with them. He ordered a couple pair and I promised to pick them up. Fleece Jeans come to us by the obviously, innovative, Buffalo clothing company.

Off I go…



    1. If you check the link out, you’ll see they look exactly like jeans. It is intriguing and weird at the same time.

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