One Way Streets


One way streets are such a pain in the a$$…

Headed downtown Ottawa early yesterday morning and found myself going in circles for what seemed like an hour, it was actually closer to forty minutes. The most frustrating part was seeing the building I needed to be at but not being able to get to it.

The end of the day approached, meetings were all over and we headed out for supper. Fought through all those one way streets again. Made the trip through downtown twice more before the night was over.

Thoroughly confused. Worst part is, I have to do the whole thing again today. The biggest problem were all these one way streets, they’re everywhere.

But not everyone hates them…

Believe it or not, there are people who enjoy the thrill of one way streets. There is a One Way Street Club in London, England. Here’s their mission…

One Way Street Club is a meet up for for those who enjoy the thrill on singular directional travel without the pressure to return. Our member love nothing more than getting stuck on a one way system for hours on end. Our meets ups will involve trips to some of London’s finest one way streets. The longest, shortest, widest, most famous – we’ll be exploring them all! How exciting. We will arrange talks to answer questions such as, which city has the most one way streets, the logic behind one way streets, how to remain committed to one way streets and give up two directional travel altogether. We will be inviting one way political activist to give talks on one wayism, town planners, the highway agency and more.

I haven’t been able to find any similar clubs here in Canada, maybe I’ll start one. Maybe I’ve been looking at the whole one way street thing the wrong way. Maybe the sense of danger or the challenge of getting to your destination in the shortest time possible is a better way to understand the whole concept.

There is only One Way to find out…


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