Hotel Pools


Drove five hours to Ottawa, checked in, got a room on the fourth floor, right across from the pool. Why the pool is on the fourth floor is a mystery. I wonder if there are rooms below it? Seems strange.

Waited for Paul to arrive and check in, then we checked out the pool and exercise room. We have to stay fit on these trips. He went on to tell me how he would never, NEVER, swim in a hotel pool. Apparently they are full of bacteria, germs, hair and gross things too. He plans on using the exercise room but will leave the pool to me.

I won’t swallow the water… just in case.

I’m of the opinion that you need a few germs in your life to keep you healthy. I prefer to skip all those sanitizing stations at the hospital, don’t mind touching door knobs and have been known to take a shower at the gym without sandals.

When my son was in Day Care, the lady who ran the place insisted all the kids come regardless of their health. The sicker the better, spread it around, makes them tough she said. Now this was against everything we believed but we went along with it anyway. Our son would get sick from time-to-time but once older, he rarely got sick. In fact, to this day, he hardly ever gets sick. It’s uncanny.

Maybe she was on to something. Maybe the best prevention is no prevention.

Today at 6 am I took my chances, held my breath and went for a swim. If you see a post in this spot tomorrow then I made it.


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  1. Just be sure to never watch the news reports on how filthy disgusting hotel rooms are. I saw one show where they found e-coli on the tv remote and gross bacteria on the bathroom floor. I have since become paranoid of hotel rooms and I bring those lysol wipes and wipe everything down. I know of someone that came home with bed bugs. Ok, enough. You can’t live in a bubble.

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