Unboxing Gone Bad


I got some new luggage a couple weeks ago and have been waiting patiently to open the sealed cardboard box. Plan was to do another unboxing video.

Time ran short and there was no proper preparation so the whole thing went horribly wrong.

Video was crap, lighting was crap, parts were out of focus, audio sucked… the whole thing was a disaster. My shoes were blue, ¬†so were my pants, looked like some kind of weird blue man unboxing from the waist down.

You don’t really get a second chance…

This could have waited, I do have other luggage but I was impatient and excited to use my new Pelican ProGear EL27 Elite Weekender Luggage with Enhanced Travel System. I’ve always been a fan of Pelican products. Well built, durable and waterproof. Pelican brings the same thinking to their luggage. I got the one with orange highlights… no surprise there.

Problem is I’m heading out on a business trip and wanted to use it. Like a kid with a new toy, I just couldn’t wait.

I really want to try it again, prepare better, maybe do a couple takes, turn a light on, change my shoes, something, anything but the Pelican is packed. I wonder if there are unwritten rules or an unboxing etiquette. What if I carefully put everything back in the box and start again? Some might question that scuff mark that always happens on the first trip or why there is dirt on those new wheels.

I suppose I could scrap the whole unboxing idea and attempt a video review… I’ve seen lots of those. Maybe after a few months of travelling, the Pelican having taken a bit of a beating on planes, trains and automobiles.

Maybe you do get a second chance…


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