PSJ5 The Rusted Sign


Photoshop Journey #5

Went off the beaten path for this week’s project. Found a tutorial called How to Create a Rusty, Vintage Tin Sign by the Photoshop Video Academy, completely by chance, a random search on YouTube.

I got to a certain point in the tutorial when I realized I didn’t have the necessary artwork to create the rusty, vintage tin sign. It is available from their website. I decided to use my imagination and an image found by searching for coffee on Google. Finally, created my own text adding a whole slew of effects. Click on photo to see original.

Even though the finished product is not that impressive or realistic as the tutorial, I’m proud of this project for one very good reason… I strayed away from the tutorial all on my own and went crazy, without thinking. I used some techniques from previous tutorials and had fun with it.

Here are the steps taken to get the finished product…

  • Created a rust coloured background, applying inner shadow, inner glow and pattern overlay effects.
  • Added artwork found on Google Images (hopefully not copyrighted), scaled and stretched to size.
  • Used a layer mask to create the illusion of rust taking over from the outside in.
  • Added a colour fill layer to give the project an ‘old’ feel.
  • Created some random text applying bevel & emboss, inner shadow, satin and drop shadow effects.
  • Adjusted opacity on the artwork and colour fill layers until I judged the effect sufficiently rusted.
  • Finally saving the whole package for the web as a PNG file.

My thoughts on today’s Photoshop Journey…

I’m really happy with the rusted effect, not happy that I had to warp the artwork slightly and more or less happy with the final result. Not satisfied with my choice of words, should have called it “The Rusted Coffee Shop”. My biggest accomplishment, previously mentioned, is abandoning the tutorial and doing my own thing. I think that is a big step in getting over my fear of Photoshop.

My other journeys; #1, #2, #3 and #4.


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