Found It!

Went out geocaching with my son last night. Geocaching is all about the treasure hunt, some are easy, some are hard, some just impossible. Tonight’s was relatively easy. I made a video but can’t share it… Geocachers are a very secretive bunch.

My son said it would take twenty minutes, be good to get out of the house he said. I figured my injured knee could last that long. Little did I know it was twenty minutes in one direction and he wasn’t about to carry me back. I was sore the rest of the night, but it was worth it.

On a positive note, I was able to play with my new GoPro. Took a few videos, deleted a few and generally learned more about the gadget.

I have my own geocaching account and have found a few across Ontario but my son and his girlfriend have taken it to a whole different level with several hundred finds under their belts. The geocaching app, available for all types of phones, gets you close without showing you exactly where the cache is. You have to do a little work yourself. A great hobby that gets you outdoors and walking.

This particular cache was in a forest close to our home, near a tree… that’s as much as I can say.

My son wrote about Geocaching a few weeks ago. There is quite a bit more information there. Go to for a whole lot more.



  1. I love Geocaching! I tried to get my girls into it a while back since there are 3 in the local trail area in walking distance from the house. I’ll have to try it again with them. Have you placed your own yet?!

    1. I never have. My son placed one but it got rejected as it was too close to the railway tracks.
      We definitely need to try again.

      1. Indeed! I want to have one with the “geo tags” that you can place so you can track it online to see all the places it gets moved to, but I’m weird that way 8^D

      2. I’ve seen those and ‘moved’ one once. I think from Sault St. Marie to Thunder Bay.

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