My First Dress


Eventually, you get to a certain stage in life where you throw caution to the wind, scoff at the embarrassment you’re sure to suffer and do something… unusual.

I went out and bought my first dress. Actually, two dresses. A long, green, Charleston style dress and a short, black, party dress. Total cost… $20.

We’ve been invited to a 50th Birthday party. The theme is Fabulous. I’ve know about the party for quite some time but only started looking for a dress this past weekend, how hard could it be? Had a lot of fun shopping, got a few laughs from the other customers. Some even had some helpful hints.

I’m hoping I interpreted the invitation properly or I’m in for a lot of strange looks.

The long green Charleston dress fits like a charm but looked a little old fashion. I paired it with a red-haired wig, some green earrings and a green, black and white necklace. Very ugly, homely and not pretty either. I looked something like Dustin Hoffman in the movie Tootsie.

I was hoping for something with a little more pizzaz, something that would make heads turn. Maybe get the odd whistle.

Enter the short, black, party dress…

This one looks quite a bit better. A little short, ends just above the knees. I’ll need to get a few accessories and maybe do something about all that chest hair. The wig is a toss-up. Some say red, some say blonde. Maybe I’ll bring them both. A pair of fishnet stockings should complete the look. Then the makeup… I’d like to keep it natural but I’m sure I’ll be talked into something. Wait for the pictures.

Finally, I’ll need some nice shoes and maybe a purse. The shoes won’t be easy to find, the purse not hard at all.

Like I said… unusual.

An update… I have a couple votes for blonde and a couple for red so the ‘wig’ is still up in the air.



      1. Now I know what women go through when they have to prepare for an event. So much to think about. I’m glad this is just a one time thing.

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