No Memory


I went for my first ride of the year last Saturday. I was excited… for a few reasons. Getting out on the road and trails was one, staying healthy another but the big one was my new GoPro.

Anyone following this space knows that I bought that thing quite a while ago, there’s even an unboxing video. Desperately looking for some action to capture, I strapped it to my lawn fertilizer only to realize the GoPro was in photo mode. There was one lousy picture at the beginning… no movie.

This past Saturday was going to be different… I read the manual. At least the part about movie mode.

So it was attached to the bike, I did my ride and got over an hour of footage. Problem was, I couldn’t process it. My Mac’s Flash Drive was full. Here’s the run-down:

  • Dropbox: 6Gb
  • Applications: 12Gb
  • Desktop: 2Gb
  • Movies: 8Gb
  • Music: 10Gb
  • Pictures: 44Gb

That’s approximately 82Gb, the Flash Drive is only 128Gb, the rest of the drive is full of other assorted files. There is only 4Gb left… not enough to process video I guess.

Now I’m left with a dilemma, a shortage of memory.

Pictures are the obvious problem and the easiest thing to move. I have several external hard drives but I want access to all my photos. Lightroom doesn’t work with any of the cloud services that I normally use and early research indicates you can’t use Adobe’s Creative Cloud either. That leaves an external hard drive.

I’ll need to decide very soon… those GoPro videos are just waiting to be shared.



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