First Ride of 2015


Finally managed to get my bike out of storage. Tires needed a bit of air, washed and filled my new water bottle, inserted my iPhone into it’s waterproof case and mounted it. Finally, this part is new, attached my GoPro to record this historic ride.

My Gary Fisher Marlin is about ten years old, but I love it, still a sweet ride. Only got into riding regularly last year and plan on doing quite a bit more this year.

All was ready, riding shorts snugged up tight, favourite long sleeve, breathable top and my trusty Adidas bike shoes equipped for clipless pedals. The last took a while getting used to, a few bumps and bruises. Do yourself a favour, figure them out before going out on your first ride. I’ve been using them for several years and still have the odd incident.

There are several routes to choose from in Guelph, lots of trails. See Guelph’s 2014 Cycling Map for the big picture. Details on the individual trails are available on Guelph’s Trails site. I decided to head through the downtown area, over the covered bridge, along the river trail, through the back entrance of the Arboretum, through the University of Guelph, through Royal City Park, then several back roads to home.

A total of 22.6km. Not a long ride, not a short one either… somewhere in between.

See the ride on my Strava account

Notes: That was yesterday, today was another 21km, not as long but you have to take it easy the first few rides of the year. Also, while I did get some good footage on my GoPro, my Mac is full… won’t let me process it. Have to remove some crap first. What a pain.


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