Opposite Direction 


Travelling again but in a completely different direction… and I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve been to Ottawa so much I feel like an MP (Member of Parliament). Definitely making the trip more often than our Senators. See story on Senate Attendance courtesy of Huffington Post.

Today I’m Windsor bound…

Windsor is the gateway to the United States or at least Detroit. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Windsor:

Windsor, Ontario, /ˈwɪnzər/ is the southernmost city in Canada, just across the Detroit River from the city of Detroit, Michigan in the United States.

The Southern most city in Canada! Check any map and you’ll see that it is further South than many places in the United States… freaky!

Currently is 7C… that’s cold for this time of year and definitely too cold for the furthest point South in Canada. I won’t be sitting on the beach.

7:30am Stopped at Starbucks in London.

9:00am Stopped at Rest Stop in Chatham, to get rid of that Starbucks purchase and make a few calls.

9:40am Still at Rest Stop, still making calls! Ridiculous. 

10:05am Stopped in Belle River for a quick call. I couldn’t help but notice all the wind turbines in the area. A quick Google search revealed the area is “Home to the largest wind farm in all of Canada.”


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