Change is Good


Change is good, in fact, change is necessary… for me at least.

I love change, get quite excited when I see updates to APPs on any of my iOS devices or to web services. Sometimes the changes are subtle but every now and then you get a big one. The look and feel changes, new features are added or the whole thing just got faster.

Imagine my delight today when I launched to find a whole new section on the “Stats” page called “Insights”.

It starts out with these itsy-bitsy calendars across the top showing which days you posted over the last twelve months. Directly below you’ll find some trend data, in my case showing 17% of posts being published on a Monday. This is followed by the most popular day and time for ‘Views’. The next window shows “All-time Posts, Views and Visitors”. Finally a window showing “Today’s” stats rounds out the page.

My point in this short post, is that WordPress has been making updates quite regularly, small improvements here and there, that are much appreciated by it’s users.

It’s rare, in my opinion, for such a large organization to make the amount of improvements at such a rapid pace. Kudos to WordPress, shows they care.

For me, the biggest changes/improvements can be seen on the iOS APP (both iPhone and iPad). I use the APPs quite a bit. Both are fast, responsive and easy to use. There have been some glitches here and there but they usually get fixed within a week or two. The ‘edit’ screen is vastly improved. Paragraph breaks show up nicely, graphics are where they should be and the text formatting easy to use.

Suggestion to WordPress, allow access to your Media Library from the iOS APPs or maybe allow me to make a rough sketch that results in a PNG file?? Just thinking out loud.

UPDATE: for some reason, the Insight page is no longer available. It’s like we got a sneak preview. 


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