PSJ9 Levitation


Photoshop Journey #9…

Dropped the ball last week. Got busy, lazy, bored or maybe a combination of all three. Didn’t get around to my Photoshop Journey. In fact, I didn’t write much at all.

I decided to take a crack at creating a logo, changed my mind halfway through and went for levitation.

Started off with a blank slate, created a three-sided polygon, used the pen tool to cutout portions then filled them with a lighter shade of grey. Seemed like something was missing so I added some small ellipses. Merged the layers, added some texture and some bevel.

Used a torn paper brush to erase portions of the polygon. Created a new layer, added an ellipse, gave it some blur, adjusted it’s size and centered under the ‘logo’. Finally, added a text layer and applied bevel, colour overlay, gradient overlay and a drop shadow.

I thought the result was interesting but it wasn’t until I zoomed in that I saw several flaws. Another lesson learnt and one likely to be repeated.

I need to take a break from creating something from nothing in Photoshop. Time to try something new. I plan to do something with a photo next time. Not exactly sure what I’ll be doing but it will probably drive me crazy… looking forward to it.

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