PSJ6 Cute TV


Photoshop Journey #6

This week I chose to create something from scratch using a tutorial with step by step instructions, no video. The tutorial; Create a Cute Television Icon from Scratch is available on the Photoshop Tutorials website.

The tutorials I have done in the past have all been on YouTube and typically show the Photoshop GUI, giving you a much better view on steps taken. This particular tutorial doesn’t show the GUI at all… ever. The only window you ever see, throughout the tut, is the Layer Style window.

I found this method of learning quite challenging, forcing me to remember some of the basics I’ve learnt in the past. If you are not comfortable without seeing the GUI, you might want to get some experience using video tutorials first, like I did.

Believe it or not, this tutorial used very few tools; rounded rectangle, brush, pen and the ellipse. That’s it. I was surprised what you could make with just a few tools, it’s really incredible.

I stayed away from originality this time, preferring to go for accuracy. After studying the final outcome, the one thing I would have added was a drop shadow to the whole TV. Would have looked really good, especially on a white background as above.

This is the tutorial I should have done last week. Completely forgot my challenge and how much I enjoy doing them.

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