The Knee Brace


Its been two and a half weeks since I injured my left knee. Time to go back to the gym… I think.

I borrowed a knee brace from my in-laws just to be on the safe side but forgot to bring it with me. I wasn’t comfortable going to the gym without it. Decided to spend my lunch hour shopping for my very own.

Left the office at lunch time, stopped in at Walmart and picked up what looked like a nice one… a Tensor Sport Antimicrobial Open Patella Knee Brace.

Fancy right?

By the sounds of it, this baby will turn my negative into a positive:

You are an athlete, you live for competition, it’s about playing the game – not playing with a weakness. Stay in the game with Tensor™ Sport Products. Maximum performance and comfort for those who love sports and other high-intensity pursuits.

And if that’s not enough, there’s all this:

  • Activegel cushioning system provides maximum support and comfort.
  • Antimicrobial treatment reduces odour
  • Gel cushion positioned around the knee, conforms to shape of joint providing added comfort
  • Neoprene blend material retains body heat that helps increase circulation
  • Helps keep muscles pliable, reducing susceptibility to injury

Got back to the office, closed the door and tried on that knee brace. Felt uncomfortable, took it off. But I was ready. As ready as I’ll ever be. Too early my wife mentioned a couple days ago.

I left work, headed to the gym. Realized upon arrival that I forgot that fancy knee brace back at the office… @#$%!!

Wasn’t sure what to do, take a chance or wait a couple days. I decided to take a chance but take it easy. Got through the spinning class without any major incidents. Felt great to be back in the saddle. There appears to be no harm done.

Got back in my truck, moved my jacket looking for my notepad and there was my fancy new brace… @#$%!!


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