PSJ7 Patterns


Photoshop Journey #7

Today’s Photoshop Journey is all about patterns. I Googled “Quick Photoshop Tutorials” and got several results. Chose one called 10-Minute Pattern Creation by Evan Eckard.

Certainly not hard in that you can pretty well do anything you want. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The hardest part is getting the whole thing lined up. Evan made good use of the Pen tool. I used the Pen tool as well and added some text. You can really do anything you want.

It all starts with a triangle… drawn on a blank canvas using guides and one 45 degree line, on a separate layer, that gets deleted later. Go ahead and make your design. Delete everything outside that triangle and proceed to the next step.

From there on you have to duplicate, flip, duplicate, rotate, duplicate… you get the idea. Eventually you end up with a pattern like the one above.

This challenge was fun since you never really know what you’re going to end up with. Evan says as much during the introduction of his tutorial.

My pattern didn’t turn out as perfect as it should have. In fact the imperfections are easy to see at the four corners and near the centre.

Best part about this journey is that a Random Search produced a Pattern.

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