Tossing and Turning


I went to bed last night thinking about my son’s upcoming graduation…

A proud moment for any parent to be sure. It’s what comes next that kept me tossing and turning all night.

I’ve never considered myself a worrier but I know my own father was. Yet… he never once questioned what I had planned to do after high school, or what career choices I was making. In fact, he never interfered at all… ever. It was almost like he didn’t care, when I know he really did. His one piece of advise was to not join the Navy and stay away from management.

I took his advice on the first one but ignored him on the second.

Back to my sleepless night…

Today’s world is much different from the one I grew up in. At least it seems that way. My goal was to finish school, get a job, maybe another one, retire and enjoy myself. Today, young adults spend more time in school, graduate later and generally take their time making life decisions.

As a parent, you want what’s best for your kids, you want them to do better than you yourself have done and generally be a good person.

So I found myself worrying about his life and the general state of the job market and even if there was going to be time to stop at Starbucks the next morning. All serious stuff.

I eventually went to sleep when I realized some things just take time and there is no point in rushing what will come naturally. Everyone is different and that’s what makes life interesting.

For my son, you’ve already made us very proud. Congratulations on an incredible achievement! Know that whatever happens, whichever road you take, we are there with you and for you.

Now go out and get that lawn cut!


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