PSJ10 Art Paper


Photoshop Journey #10…

I made a promise to myself last week that I would tackle something different on my Photoshop Journey this week. Something using a photo.

I need to take a break from creating something from nothing in Photoshop. Time to try something new. I plan to do something with a photo next time. Not exactly sure what I’ll be doing but it will probably drive me crazy… looking forward to it.

While the project didn’t really drive me crazy, I did use a photo. This particular shot was taken in Guelph, Ontario at the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre. While I’ve never actually been in the gallery, I have been outside on the grounds many times. The photo above was a closeup of one the several pieces of artwork dotting the landscape.

The photo is original, no touchups at all… none.

What I did do was create an Art Paper effect using several layers then blending them with the original photo. The idea was loosely based on a video tutorial by Gavin Hoey. The video is called Create “Art Paper” in Photoshop.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Select a suitable photo. The tutorial suggested one with not too much texture. I broke that rule
  2. Adjust size of photo to 4000 pixels on it’s long edge
  3. Create a new layer, fill it with white
  4. Add several filters and effects from the Filter Gallery; noise, halftone pattern, sprayed strokes and finally fibers
  5. Duplicate the above layer, rotate it, add another fiber effect and merge with previous layer
  6. Finally, set the blend mode to Overlay and voila… this weeks journey is complete

This wasn’t a huge challenge but was one involving a photo. I always liked this particular photo and it was fun playing around with it. Next week, I’ll stick to the photo theme but try doing something a little more time consuming.

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